He went from rags to riches in years and assert himself in the elite of fashion. The French were taken aback, when he showed Jeans on Paris Haute Couture Catwalk.



In time when fashion reveled in minimalism, Gianni Versace created the maximum contrast: POWER OF ABUNDANCE FASHION and turned the Italian Fashion upside down.



Mediterranean origins are revised through his historic prints: MAGNA GRECIA. He made his way from Reggio di Calabria, Milano, Paris to Miami.



Outlining his varied lifestyle and his appreciation for both high and pop culture as both elements were seamlessly intertwined into his design. His richly facetted work encompasses various clothing lines, accessories, home and interior, porcelain, perfumes, books and costumes for opera and ballet.



And finally his murder, the tragic end at the peak of his career, his legacy is as strong as it was ever…