Gianni Versace Retrospective
The Dreamrealizer
March 08, 2021

Indeed, there is a contradiction between dream and realizer. The dreamer’s image oscillates between the day-to-day uselessness and the visionary farsightedness, actually not in the expectation of realization. Our mission is to dream and to keep dreaming. And by doing so open up the space of imagination. Like all dreamers, we hope that dreamed dreams correspond with the dreamed reality, that is, with the invented truth of own imagination.



Our mission: to make cultural mediation up-to-date and exciting. Our focus is on textile cultural history with an emphasis on modernity.

We work with the world’s leading collectors of outstanding collections who are keen to showcase their artefacts in exhibitions. 

We can react quickly, professionally and internationally, bring together pieces from different collections and develop topics.

Thanks to extensive and long-term experience in the fashion and exhibition sector, we can achieve national and international attention and economic success for our partners: collectors, museums, other public institutions.

Expertise – networking, independence and flexibility are the principles of our actions.

We work with the right partners, for example in set-design, who enable rapid production from a single source. And we will make optimal use of the existing infrastructure for the respective project. 

If you are interested in new, successful, exciting exhibition projects: give us a call. We are always looking forward to new tasks and react in time.




Saskia: Are still dreamers out there?

Karl:  🙏 Many… unrealized.

Saskia: What is the connection?

Karl: Contradictions. Dreamers vs. dreams.

Saskia: Imposed by a traumatized society.

Karl: Yes, traumatization is normalization. 😉

Saskia: Dreaming requires bravery.

Karl: #dreamsarethefuture

Saskia: Dreamers are left behind.

Karl: What are dreams?

Saskia: Desires 👼  and anxieties 😈  of today’s hyper-connected world.

Karl: Hyperreality.

Saskia: How are dreams?

Karl: Borderless, more precisely, in dreams we cross the border.

Saskia: Dare to dream!

Karl: Dare to challenge ourselves.

Karl: What is your dream?

Saskia: Our museum. But different. #dreamchasing

Karl: Realizing dreams.

Saskia: Welcome to the realm of dreams 💤💤💤

Karl: Dedicate to open eyes.

Saskia: Courage to achieve.

Karl: From recipients to producers.

Saskia: Inventing the truth of imagination.

Karl: Feeling nowhere more comfortable than among dreams.

Saskia: That would be my dream. #dreamcatcher

Karl: A space of opportunity becomes visible.

Saskia: Another perspective.

Karl: An impact on rebirth.

Saskia: Integrating contemporary appetites.

Karl: Change by dreams. #dreamrealizer

Saskia: How will it be?

Karl: Subversive,

Saskia: Hilarious,

Karl: Visibly educational,

Saskia: Aesthetically striking,

Karl: and astonishingly prescient

Saskia: Rewire dreams. Dream on.

Karl:  🏛 🏛 🏛

Saskia: 🔜

We #makedreamscometrue and should encourage others to do the same.

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